2015 BSAS Practice Exam

Tired of searching for relevant practice questions?

With a qualified team of over 25 question writers, the Practice Exams prepared by The Boston Security Analysts Society focus on the most recent Body of Knowledge® and test formats.

The practice exam has proven to be a valuable study tool for candidates preparing for the exam.
Full-length, properly formatted practice exam with both a morning and afternoon section.
Detailed answer key with curriculum references, explanations and calculations (when appropriate).

Important note for candidates who may be repeating Level 1 Exam: Please be advised that BSAS Practice Exams are rewritten every year with reference to LOSs but the same Level I Practice Exam is used for June and December sessions of the same year.

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Non Members: € 48.80 (22% VAT included)

Submit purchase request before 16 November 2015.

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"The BSAS practice exam was a perfect way to round out my studies and prepare me for exam day. Just what I needed!" – Level II candidate

"The BSAS practice exam helped me identify my weak areas, which allowed me to fine tune my study plan in those crucial weeks before the actual exam." – Level I candidate

"In my opinion, the BSAS sample exam was much more difficult than the actual exam." – Level I candidate

"The BSAS sample exam was a great way to prepare for the actual exam. It was critical in keeping me focused on important exam topics and was instrumental in helping me pass.” - Level III candidate

"Exam questions are very relevant and carefully thought out." – Level III candidate

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